The tour was unreal. Way more than we could have ever imagined. We honestly cannot quite believe the reaction to the ep it has been incredible. I never would have dreamed of having sold this many, playin to that many people, having our ep being sold in a shop and for so many people to enjoy the ep. Seriously thank you so much, it is incredible. Here is a few wee things in a picture that mean a lot to me from the tour.
One of the best bits about the tour didn’t involve our music (I’m sure you will here more about those times soon) but being able to attend stularsen's album Launch show for “Vagabond”. It was beautiful. His shows are always captivating and I've said it before but it is definitely true again, it is pretty special getting to see that man some how distribute so much of the freedom he has found personally, through his music. Also the album is one of the best albums I've got in a long time, you should definitely check that out.
So if any of you guys have heard the ‘Weight off my Back ep’ and have any feedback at all I would love to hear it.

Life goal: live out of my car and travel the continental United States. You can’t truly appreciate your roots until you’ve explored every nook and cranny. I haven’t given up on you, America!

When I think of living out of a car I don’t think of it like this but this looks pretty cozy.

Thank you to everyone who came to the album release show at St Pancras Old Church. It was my first SOLD OUT show in London and a such a great night!It was amazing to see so many people there and incredibly special to have a surprise visit from my mother and sister who flew from Australia to be at the show!!!! Photo by Rebekah Tayler

逆さまのFUJI (by koion)
Lovely wee busking present left in our case. Thanks to whoever left it in there. #busking #wanderingsons #oxford #Polaroid #buskers