And through all of this, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, no fear, no insecurity, no doubt, no hesitation that will ever, ever stop us. Because we are the sons of the living God, because we are the children of the Almighty, because we are the residents of the kingdom of heaven, and we are soldiers in an army of the immortal. And when we speak life, life happens, and when we speak healing, healing happens, and when we speak truth, truth happens. And when we go take what we found to a dead world, we’ll see it come to life again, and when we take what we found to a hopeless world, we’ll see hope come back. We’ll see the heart of our world start beating again, and we’ll see the colour come back into people’s faces. Absolutely nothing will ever stop that. Mountains will move before us, and oceans will part before us, and the dead will raise before us. And the world will know that our God is the God that heals, and our God is a God that lives, and our God is a God that loves, and unlike anything that anyone has ever felt before, because we are fearless, and because we are His hands, and because we are His feet. Forever, and ever. Mattie Montgomery (Talmidim (The Servant))

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